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Food Review: Deli Style Sandwiches

Food Review: Deli Style Sandwiches

Food is one of the fine gifts of nature to organisms. Humans in particular take food to another level, we don’t just see food as something we take for sustenance but a thing we get to enjoy. We as an organism are known for defiance from adapting to nature, we make nature adapt to us. Instead of developing four stomachs so that we can eat starchy food we developed an act peculiar to humans to make the food edible. This act is known as cooking. Cooking has evolved from just being a survival skill to art, numerous recipes currently exist which are as a result of man’s exploration of food.

One of man's many inventions that

One of man’s many inventions that were created by using edible substances provided by mother nature and converting them into various forms via various complicated means is the spectacular sandwich. A basic sandwich is a simple combination of various food items that has bread as the major constituent of the food makes up. Several foods from different food groups especially, proteins, vegetables, nuts, or even lipids are blanketed by the bread and you have your sandwich. The sandwich is a simple but also complex form of food, in a layman’s view, it just means using bread as a blanket for other foods that go with the bread. However, it is far more complex than this, knowing the right food combination, ingredients that go along with each other, and the right proportion to use makes it a hell of a meal to master to prepare.

Food Review: Deli Style Sandwiches

Although this finger food is known to have sourced from the Western world, it has gained massive popularity and engagement all around the globe. Different cultures now seem to have their own culturally made sandwich which its constituents usually contain a food item specific to that location. There are different types of sandwiches currently existing and one of the significant ones is the Deli-style sandwich. Deli is short for delicatessen which according to the dictionary website means a shop selling cooked meats, cheeses, and unusual or foreign prepared foods.

Deli-style sandwich simply means sandwiches that are prepared using ingredients peculiar to Deli stalls. Ingredients like Rueben are a characteristic feature of most Deli-style sandwiches, a typical example is the Zingerman’s Rueben Sandwich. This sandwich contains various ingredients that are combined in a definite ratio to create this masterpiece. The sandwich includes the most important piece; an unseeded loaf with unsliced Jewish Rye bread, a two pounds sliced corned beef, twelve ounces of sauerkraut, and another twelve slices of Swiss cheese. Also, there exists an addition of twelve ounces of Russian dressing plus four tablespoons of melted butter.

There are other forms of Deli-style sandwich which have a characteristic spicy taste in common. These other examples include; French dip, Grilled Pastrami, Swiss, and Sweet Onion Marmalade on Rye, Emeril’s Kicked up Tuna Melts, and Turkey Club Panini. Surprisingly, unlike most finger foods and snacks, Deli-style sandwiches are balanced diet meals, with the right proportion of all the classes of food if well prepared. You can try your hands on some nice recipes of sandwiches that are deli themed, you would be surprised by how delicious they taste.