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Increase in Uber Eats Delivery Fee

Increase in Uber Eats Delivery Fee

Before the discovery of fast foods, people would often consume homemade meals, or simply pluck food from the farm or the trees and eat as they go. Such happened at a time when the earth was still very green and populated with vegetation, enough to feed the people for years. Hunting was a big thing, where mainly the men would go hunting for animals if they felt like eating some meat on that day.

The options ranged from land animals

The options ranged from land animals to fish, even birds. As long as it was edible, they were hunted for food. There were enough of these animals since the diet would change depending on which is abundant in a particular area at any time. Since there was less time required to go to work, there was no necessity for fast food. The only occupation people had was to go to the farm, and elders to sort out community disputes. There was always time to commune for a meal with fellow neighbors, from preparation to when they’d eat.

Industrialization is what caused this shift

Industrialization is what caused this shift of people depending on fast foods, or processed food. As man evolved into becoming more industrious with their hands and eventually resulting in the manufacture of machines that could help to make this transition easy, there was a demand for not only more labor but also more time. To effectively have everything working smoothly, they realized they had to somehow use the time during the day effectively, to maximize their output since the workforce was already present. They came up with fast foods to cut the time required to prepare a meal. Their preparation only takes minutes and can be prepared in bulk to feed a large group of people at once. This enabled them to cut on time consumed in preparing lunch, where they’d go and make an order which would be ready in 15 minutes. It enabled them to maximize their time in the building of factories and buildings that entirely changed the landscape.

Increase in Uber Eats Delivery Fee

Technology came as a result of industrialization, and it has contributed to making our lives easier. With technology, you can now order food to where you are, instead of going to make ques in these restaurants. This has again continued to cut time spent in going to these restaurants to buy the food, keeping you in your office to maximize work output. All you need is a functional phone, good internet, and the application on your phone to order the food. You are guaranteed delivery in 20-30minutes, depending on the location of your restaurant and the meal that you ordered. With this, you can order a healthy meal from a restaurant of choice, but many would still buy from fast-food restaurants since they’re always ready to be dispatched.

Over time, the price of delivery has been on a steady rise. Some factors affect these prices, where you will find that sometimes the cost of delivery is equivalent to the food you are ordering. A factor that could influence this is fuel prices in the country you are in. Any government is always on a mission to raise money through taxes, and the first place to do this is to raise the fuel tax. This causes a ripple effect on all foods and products that essentially require transportation to different points. Since investors wouldn’t want to run a loss, to bridge this gap, they had to increase the prices of their foods, which will be reflected on the app.

An increase in traffic congestion has affected the prices of meals on Uber Eats. This is mainly noticed when you order from a restaurant that is relatively far from where you are. There could be a highway between you and the restaurant, which often harbors a lot of traffic due to the number of commuters using it. Traffic means more fuel for the rider who is bringing the food. In as much as they’re using bikes to maneuver through the traffic, it still takes time and effort to go through all that mess. To meet their reward for the effort they put in, and also to have adequate fuel in case of an emergency, the delivery prices are increased by a particular percentage. You will notice that especially during peak hours, the cost shoot by a certain percentage, depending on the level of congestion of those roads.