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Pizza Deliveries in Hotels

Pizza Deliveries in Hotels

Pizza is a dish that we all love and can never deny when someone offers us even a slice of it. In that case, whenever we are at home we can get a pizza by online conveyance as well as when we find no food after returning from the office then getting a pizza ordered is a great option to avail. Some guest house will try to prohibit this to drive business to their (overpriced so often inedible) room service, but in my experience, this is fairly rare, regardless it’s almost impossible to prohibit you from having a pizza delivered to the parking lot and then bringing it up to your room afterward.

Most mid-range and low-budget hotels will have a list somewhere (either in the room or down at the lobby) with phone numbers to the relevant stores that will deliver to the building. Five-star hotels may have different policies. We had one in our area that occasionally depended on who was hanging around the lobby.

For security reasons, most hotels do

When you order a pizza, make sure you give the pizzeria your last name, the name of the hotel, and your room number. That makes things easier for both the pizza restaurant and the hotel desk agents in case there are any problems.

For security reasons, most hotels do not allow food delivery directly to your room; guest floors are elevator accessible only to hotel employees and guests. Consequently, you would have to come down to the lobby to pick up your pizza. However, in special situations (e.g., if you are handicapped), a hotel security officer can accompany the delivery person to your room.

Pizza Deliveries in Hotels

At Domino’s, they usually give hotel desk clerks an incentive to telling guests about ordering pizza. Every time a guest ordered pizza, they drop off a certain kind of coupon at the front desk. Once the front desk collects ten of these coupons, they can use them to get a free pizza. It was a win/win for the hotel desk clerks including the pizza business. Plus hotel businesses love food delivery places that are willing to deliver to their guests.

There is an option of making a call to your favorite nearby pizza place by letting them know which hotel you are staying at, and see if they will deliver to it. If they do, let them know the address and your room number. They may be able to bring it directly to your room depending on where you are staying. Sometimes the front desk may call you to confirm before sending the delivery person up to your room, or you may need to go down to the lobby to get your pizza. But yes most all hotels let you order pizza to your room.

In some cases the hotel will only allow you to meet the customer in the lobby which is annoying for everybody, a lot will let you just go up to the room. A bit yes, you can most definitely get pizza delivered to pretty much any address. It depends on the hotel. Some hotels have a strict no food delivery policy in place, especially the fancier ones. What you can get away with though is going out of the hotel, picking up the pizza from the deliveryman, and walking in the hotel with it.